PHOTO PLAY: Scary Mary

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PHOTO PLAY: Scary Mary

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Mary, the famous spider, fights against her many enemies by creating large spiderwebs.

Fire: left_mouse
Movement: mouse

In each level, Mary has to create a net that covers 75% of the total area. She does that by spinning silk between the edges of the existing net.

Several enemies try to prevent Mary from finishing her task:

- Flying insects: If a flying insect touches some silk which does not span between two edges, Mary loses one life. However, these insects can be pupated when they are trapped within a new area of the net.
- Bugs crawl only directly at the silk threads. Mary must not touch them. Bugs cannot be pupated!
- A special enemy is the butterfly: it leaves a bonus item when pupated (a speed-up, a hammer or a bonus-life).

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